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The Seperation of Church, Sex, & State: Warren Jeffs

The man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Well did we really think that Fundamentalist LDS Sect Leader Warren Jeffs was anything LESS than a fool? Today Warren Jeffs was convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a … Continue reading

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Update to Jaywalking for Justice!

Raquel Nelson was sentenced to 12 months of probation and 40 hours of community service.  Prosecutors stated that it was never their intent to ask for jail time.  The judge even gave Ms. Nelson the option of having a new … Continue reading

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Casey Anthony: Ctrl,Alt, Delete

As I sit here seething, watching the coverage of the Verdict in the Casey Anthony trial come in, the words ring over and over in my ears: Not Guilty. Not Guilty. Not Guilty. And as I mentioned earlier on facebook, … Continue reading

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Casey 3.0–The Mac versus PC

So many friends, old and new, have been weighing on the Casey Anthony trial and making friendly bets on what the verdict will be.   One of my middle school buddies, a Florida lawyer even wrote a blog about it you … Continue reading

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Let Me Whisper Something In Your Ear….

Come close. Closer. Now Closer. There that’s it. Well hello there! It’s been a long time coming but finally the day has arrived. The day I ask you to let me whisper Sweet Nothings from the Sidebar, in your ear. … Continue reading

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