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I went to college and majored and Mass Communications/Public Relations but decided to take my passion for promoting others to law school....where i could then learn to promote MYSELF! Kidding. Kind of. Now I'm a lawyer. 8 years later, big whoop and womp womp.

Guest Post: The Spirit of Nelson Mandela

  ****One of my best friends from law school was born and raised in Ghana and is now living and working in Johannesburg, South Africa.  On the day Nelson Mandela died, I asked if she would write for me and express … Continue reading

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The Evidence of Things Not Seen–Zimmerman Verdict

There is no more perfect place to be than in Washington DC, when the verdict in the Zimmerman trial came down. The place where the halls of justice of our nations highest court echo the voices of Thurgood Marshall, Brown … Continue reading

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Zimmerman Defense Attorney Don West. Parenting Gone Wrong

“Celebrating” with his daughters after cross examination of Rachel Jeantel. Thank goodness Instagram can catch the stupidity of all and memorialize it for posterity. #badtaste #appledoesntfallfarfromthefree #poorjudgment

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It’s Easy to Gawk at Rachel Jeantel

“Sak Pase.” That’s the greeting that Rachel Jeantel and many in her community would reply to. It means “what’s up” in Creole, the language native to Haiti, where she and her mother are from. I knew immediately that she was … Continue reading

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Life After Section 4

I have the pleasure of having friends in all different walks of life who write, speak, preach, and teach on different subject areas. I asked a few friends to write what they thought about the SCOTUS rulings this week and … Continue reading

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Well, in the biggest EPIC FAIL of the week (and it is only Tuesday), the Supreme Court of the United States, in its infinite wisdom, decided to pack us all up and send us back to 1960. While the fashion … Continue reading

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Brian Banks’ Accuser to pay $2.6 Million Judgment (or not….)

  Another moment for SWEET JUSTICE! Well kinda…. As reported by the Long Beach Telegram-Press, Wanetta Gibson, the woman who claimed that then high-school student Brian Banks raped her, only to years later, be caught on tape denying that a … Continue reading

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