State Your Name

This journey started in the middle of a very high profile, televised criminal case that had me and many of my facebook friends spellbound. Glued to the TV daily, I began to use my knowledge of the law and pension for facebook silliness to analyze and report on the daily happenings in this trial. One day, a good friend suggested I start a legal blog since I was so good at random chatter about relevant things (go figure.) That same day, a Facebook friend (codeword for total stranger met once in person long ago) offered to help build, design, and get me started with said legal blog. My first impression was ha ha, really funny guys. Then when I noticed that others were actually following the trial based on MY comments my interest was piqued.  I jokingly referred to this “movement” as me “building a nation”.  Well, lo and behold, it happened. A nation was built, and so was this blog.

We’ll talk lawsuits, politics, and all kinds of funny stuff in between. Get involved! Don’t let me whisper sweet nothings to myself. As the song  says “If you kiss me then I’ll kiss you back!”

9 Responses to State Your Name

  1. Taralyn Wright says:

    Yaay! I’m SO excited. I can’t wait to read all about what’s going on in… the legal world? Yeah, I just really want to know about the “sexy” stuff! 🙂 I’ll be checking back in soon. Dazzle Me!

    Your Bestie!

  2. Just tweeted your wall, so I shouted it out! You do the whispering!

  3. Eddie P says:

    Let’s do it Babygirl!!!!!

  4. Susan Atkinson says:

    LKD is my heroine! Congrats!

  5. Jenkasaurus says:

    I’d like to be promoted from “total stranger met once in person long ago” to friend now that we went through the stress of getting this blog going! Just sayin.

    • Sweet Nothings says:

      What’s funny is I meant go back and edit that and put “newly found BFF” in parenthesis!

  6. Yusef Williams says:

    I am excited about the future of this site. i will check daily right after my fantasy sports scores.

  7. I lost my son 2 yrs ago, from cancer, he was just like Trayvon, Rachael, and every teenager in America. I live in Alabama,, have relatives in Georgia, and South Carolina (the Bible Belt) you don’t vote democratic, I can’t even tell you how many times i have heard “the blacks are trying to take over.” so there is still racial profiling. I have also been profiled, because i have bi-polar disease, I have felt ashamed, felt bad about my self, and have social anxiety. Their are a lot of people who throw this word around, and make comments, like bi polar people can kill someone and get away with it.” bi-polar is just like any other disease you don’t ask for it, but you have it and you take your medication.

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