Brian Banks’ Accuser to pay $2.6 Million Judgment (or not….)


Another moment for SWEET JUSTICE! Well kinda….


As reported by the Long Beach Telegram-Press, Wanetta Gibson, the woman who claimed that then high-school student Brian Banks raped her, only to years later, be caught on tape denying that a rape ever happen, has been told to pay the piper.  The Long Beach Unified School District won a $2.6 million default judgment against Ms. Gibson, who sued the district back in 2002, claiming that inadequate security at Long Beach Poly High School led to her being raped by the high school football star. Brian Banks served five years in prison for this alleged crime while Wanetta walked away with a $750,000 settlement from the District.  She has to repay over twice that amount because of the punitive damages and attorneys fees assessed.


Brian Banks hasn’t gotten a million dollar settlement, the school district has. Wanetta Gibson hasn’t been jailed for making false accusations or the conspiracy to destroy Brian Banks’ life.  In fact, she continued to defraud others and had multiple run-ins with the law over the past 10 years.  So what makes anyone think that the school district will recoup this million dollar judgment. Yes they can take her future wages. Yes they can take her property. But all reliable sources indicate….that she has NONE. She will never make enough money to pay all of that money back. Nor is she sitting on a car or mansion that they can repossess to collect the judgment. So, it sounds good, and is great on paper but….it won’t change the past and it won’t pay Banks for his time he lost.Brian Banks has been trying to reclaim his years, busting his butt at one football camp after another has last month signed with the Atlanta Falcons. I am grateful that he gets the chance to live out his dreams and maybe I’ll even make it down to the Georgia Dome to see the brother play next season.


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5 Responses to Brian Banks’ Accuser to pay $2.6 Million Judgment (or not….)

  1. Can’t they prosecute her for something that would result in jail time?

  2. That’s a shame. While I respect the law, the injustices here make me crazy.

  3. Laura says:

    The statute of limitations for perjury in California is four years from the discovery of the offense, so they should go after her for perjury since she lied on the stand.

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