After 2 1/2 days of deliberation, the jury in the Jodi Arias murder trial finally has a verdict, to be read in about 90 minutes.  My prediction:

I think that we wanted to think that the jury wanted manslaughter as a more “comfortable” option. The 2.5 days it took them to deliberate could mean ANYTHING. I’m not a betting woman. And the Casey Anthony jury made us all out to be fools. But I am going to guess………..that they got it right. 1st Degree Murder.

90 minutes to see if I’m wrong……*please sweet baby Jesus get it right*

About Sweet Nothings

I went to college and majored and Mass Communications/Public Relations but decided to take my passion for promoting others to law school....where i could then learn to promote MYSELF! Kidding. Kind of. Now I'm a lawyer. 8 years later, big whoop and womp womp.
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  1. Good job, Bourgie! I felt so burned after Casey that I was afraid to be confident on this one, but I wanted so badly to believe with your level of conviction. Thank you, jesiis, for this Arizona jury!

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