Michael Jackson died before Conrad Murray Killed Him

So the verdict is in and the jury has found Conrad Murray guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Joseph Jackson. Surprise, surprise (in my Casey Anthony voice).  I don’t think anyone is  surprised at the decision made by those 12 jurors.  Expert after expert took the stand to explain how Dr. Murray did not adhere to the standard of care in his treatment of  Michael Jackson and ultimately caused his death. And I know that the jury made the right decision. But I couldn’t help but be sad as I listened to the verdict
and saw them handcuff the man.  Now before you accuse of being captain save-a-hoe, Conrad Murray wasn’t a diabolical killer. He wasn’t an opportunist who set out to take advantage of someone.  He was a struggling doctor, whose famous patient, was a drug addict. Drug addiction is real. And all of the players play their part and should be held accountable. Everyone knew that Michael was preparing for the biggest show of his life. His show schedule went from 1 show to 50 shows. And there was no way that MJ wasn’t going to pull that off. So I’m sure all of his people made sure he got WHATEVER he wanted whenever he wanted it. Whether it was legal or illegal. And this behavior started way before Conrad Murray came along.  So where is the day of reckoning for the folks who got MJ strung out in the first place? Where are the cat calls for justice?  We should be
beating down the doors of those identified that started this propofol addiction
not forcing Conrad Murray to carry the burden alone.

The people calling him a killer and a threat to society should be ashamed. Is there evidence of Conrad Murray killing anyone before now?  All of the character witnesses who
testified as well as personal friends of mine who know him all report that Conrad Murray is a kind, generous man. A man who often didn’t take a salary or wage for a job so that he could treat underprivileged people.  A man who ran a clinic at virtually no profit so he would be available for those who needed medical assistance.   But he had become a man much like many of us today. He fell on hard times. He had multiple kids, the youngest being just an infant. With multiple baby mamas, an estranged wife, kids, houses, clinics in
different states, he found himself in a bad position financially. Sound familiar? How many of us make bad decisions trying to get in a better financial position? We “invest” in bullshit we think will take off, supposedly weighing the risks and taking the chance. What is so different about Conrad Murray? Be for real! Michael Jackson hires you. HE IS MICHAEL JACKSON. It never crosses your mind that he is going to claim one day that you never really signed a contract and not pay you. HE IS MICHAEL JACKSON.  And he is offering to pay you more money per month that you have seen in a long, long time.  Be for real. Those of you reading this have probably done more, for less. So judge less, lest ye be judged.

The former Dr. Murray (since his license to practice has been revoked) was immediately remanded to custody, like he was mass murderer Charles Manson. He will be sentenced on November 29th. Lucky for him, he was tried in L.A. which is a part of an overcrowded California prison system. They can’t keep Lindsay Lohan in jail more than a few hours at a time (don’t even get me started on that one).  So although he will be there until sentencing, I’m not convinced that he will spend his full sentence, whatever that is, in jail. The new “Realignment” law passed in California makes it possible for non-violent offenders to be released prior to their sentence ending, to assist with the overcrowding issue.  I would be satisfied with him losing his medical license and then going home to figure out how to feed his kids and pay his alimony, if he could ever divorce his WIFE (different issue).  I mean for a four-year sentence, it just isn’t worth it! It’s not long enough to teach him a lesson or deter similar behavior. So why bother? Taking away his livelihood is much more effective.

I am sad that Michael Jackson is no longer with us. I’ve been a fan since I went to the Thriller concert back in 1985 at the Orange Bowl, in my jacket with all the zippers and my MJ skirt. But the Michael Jackson I fell in love with died  years and years before his actual death. Killed by drugs and ointments and molestation allegations. I should’ve mourned for him then.  Today, I am sad for Conrad Murray.

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I went to college and majored and Mass Communications/Public Relations but decided to take my passion for promoting others to law school....where i could then learn to promote MYSELF! Kidding. Kind of. Now I'm a lawyer. 8 years later, big whoop and womp womp.
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4 Responses to Michael Jackson died before Conrad Murray Killed Him

  1. virtuespeaksRobin says:

    Its really sad. I agree. Take the man’s license. Not his freedom. Will he be able to write a book?

    • I hope he does write a book. And we are the type of society that will go out and buy it no matter how we feel about what he did. He needs to because he can never make money practicing medicine again so he needs income for when he gets out!

  2. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t stop laughing at “captain save-a-hoe” to finish reading this. I’ll try again in a minute.

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