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Dark Girls: The Movie

Warning: this may get long and this may get deep. And this is really a film review to which I will follow-up with a personal piece (maybe). Because it surrounds an issue that has permeated my life and the lives of … Continue reading

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Why Joe Paterno Had to Go & Lessons From Penn State

So we have as a nation have been watching the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State unfold before us—like an award winning Hollywood screenplay.  Full of all of the things an Oscar worthy film inhabits—sex, secrets, tragedy, victims, villains, and … Continue reading

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Michael Jackson died before Conrad Murray Killed Him

So the verdict is in and the jury has found Conrad Murray guilty of the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Joseph Jackson. Surprise, surprise (in my Casey Anthony voice).  I don’t think anyone is  surprised at the decision made by those … Continue reading

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I am Kim Kardashian.

I must admit, when the news broke about Kim Kardashian’s breakup from her grey eyed hunka husband Kris Humphries, I too joined the country in a great big LOL and an “I saw that one coming”.  Being one of the … Continue reading

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