Twas the night before the Defense rests….

Twas the night before the Defense rests, and all through the Big House, Casey was picking out her court pants, and new Amish blouse.  Her new box of Kleenex was placed there with care, in hopes that Jose Baez soon would be there…

Tomorrow (Thursday), the defense says it will rest its case. It’s the end of the road. Do or die time. I hope to see Casey Anthony on the stand. I hope she takes her Amish-looking, paralegal acting, teeth-gritting, hot body contesting, baby killing butt on the stand so that Jeff Ashton can eat her alive and wash her down with a chilled Pelligrino. She is the only one who can save herself now. Will she testify? In a few short hours the question will be

But today, what a day in the Casey Anthony Trial! All kinds of madness today on the stand. If you wonder what you missed, here it is :Casey Anthony is a stonefaced evil wench. Too harsh? Probably not.  Today on the stand the Defense dug itself into an even deeper hole.  Today’s star lineup was:

A)    The lying mother—Cindy Anthony got on the stand today and probably told the truth for the first time this week, testifying that she did not remember Casey telling her that her brother Lee Anthony used to go into Casey’s room at night and grope her. I think Cindy tried to keep a low profile today. She clearly has heard the news that the State has secured her office records and know that she was at work when she claims she was at home searching on the home computer for Chlorophyll and Chloroform.  She is no
doubt shaking in her sandals waiting for the prosecution to use that in their
rebuttal case.

B)     The grieving, cheating father—George Anthony was back on the stand today. One day after telling the world that the woman who claims they had an affair (affectionately known as The Trollop) is a brain tumor having, breaking and entering, lying whore who helped search for his missing grandchild.  Now as a woman, I looked at Papa Anthony like OK sir, be for real. I’ve seen this show one too many times. Man says we are just friends. Woman is picking out matching bath robes and backsplashes for the home they will buy together shortly. Man has casual sex once maybe twice with woman to get his rocks off and get a monkey off his back because his wife isn’t interested.  Woman thinks the second roll in the hay is an invitation to marry. Same soup just reheated. But today George bawled his eyes out when describing his attempted suicide and when fighting with Jose Baez while trying not to outright say that he thought his daughter Casey killed 2 year old Caylee. And it is clear as day: HE DOES THIS SHE DID IT.  They also FINALLY addressed one of their theories of defense by asking George if he had molested Casey, to which he denied (duh).

C)     The Grief Lady—Dr. Sally Kariot who was supposedly an expert in grief. Maybe she is since she gave me a whole LOT of it today.  First of all, experts who have testified in trial before know all the standard questions. What is your education, what articles have you written, what peer-reviewed publications have you been in. This woman was SO confused about her OWN stuff that it made me want to slap her with her own copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul, which by the way, is one of the “articles” she has contributed to. Ugh. She tried to explain that Casey’s behavior of “silent suffering” and partying and drinking and
stealing, could all be how she dealt with her grief over the accidental death of Caylee.  GET THEE THE HECK OUTTA HERE! The Prosecutor Jeff Ashton shut her down real quickly by asking if there was ANY behavior that was inconsistent with grief. Her answer was no. So….basically anything one does could be evidence of grief. According to her sexting would be a way to deal with grief! Too bad Tiger Woods and Rep. Anthony Weiner didn’t think of that when they needed an out.

Everyone else was a waste of time today and for that I will be submitting my bill for IIED (Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress) to the Grief Lady.

Team Justice For Caylee

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